THE RENAISSANCE OF DEARFITKRIS! — new intentions for December 2018

As you can tell by the title of this blog THIS IS THE RE-BIRTH of my account dearfitkris, on Instagram and WordPress.

I started this account years ago as I was about to embark on my trip to Maui, Hawaii to work on an organic farm upon graduating college in 2016.

For a while after that, I had different priorities and dearfitkris took a backseat. But my blog is BACK and more active than EVER before.

In the Welcome! page I had written a detailed description of what health means to me. And boy –did it need an update since I first started this blog back in 2016.

My views have changed A LOT and I am happy to say that my ability to eloquently articulate what I wish to express to all of you has improved markedly.

Now, I may be a personal trainer and a health writer but I am by no means a “fitness guru.” I don’t sit behind a giant fruit bowl all day long judging what other people do or don’t eat and I definitely don’t look down on those of you who are anti-gym.

In fact, I can very much relate to all of the wellness-woes many people apprehensively come to me for advice on.

I’ve noticed this more recently than ever that if anything is associated with the words “fitness” or “health” people tend to get this idea in their heads that you’re on some organic pedestal and saunter around all day chastising mere mortals for their less than Women’s Best tendencies.

But that’s just not true!

And in writing this, I realize now that I ought to make a greater effort to show people more clearly just how human I am.

So let that be my intention. I’ll set it down here.

On this day, December 5th 2018. I, Kristen Dearborn, intend to share more about what it means for dearfitkris to be human outside of the stereotypical fitness-sphere.

Thanks for keeping up with the many re-births of my blog.

Just as I am, human, it is ever-evolving along with me.

—Be well.

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  1. Great post! You should definitely write a post about your experience with “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.” I would like to know more about that as starting a small organic farm is a dream, and learning about the craft and opportunities to do so is something I’d be really interested in readng about!

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