Listen to Your Body

This week had me feeling off-balance.

Monday I was nauseous and felt horrible. But I managed to push through it and get an at home workout done and eat some lunch. Later that day I got sick. But strangely felt relieved both physically and mentally because I could feel my body trying to tell me something. I was chugging water all day and didn’t have my usual ravenous appetite. I took it easy on myself for my workout. But by night fall I was clutching my stomach in pain and my wonderful boyfriend delivered me ginger ale.

Normally, when I get a stomach bug or food poisoning I’m unable to do ANYTHING for days and days. But this week was different. Little by little I regained my strength and was able to continue my daily activities with only minor set backs because I LISTENED to what my body needed. Upon falling ill, I still made it to all my shifts at work, cleaned my house and tried to continue on with daily life as usual. I didn’t feel like I had to gather all my strength to do these things, I simply felt I could give 60-70% of the normal 100% I would give. For example, I didn’t go out of my way to be super productive at work. But I showed up and did my part. I didn’t vacuum when I cleaned, and I opted to sleep instead of go out with friends.

My health is always my #1 priority. I know that if I pushed myself in any way after I became ill, I would not have recovered as rapidly as I did. It’s Friday and I’m finally feeling well enough to say I’m “better.” But you won’t catch me rushing to the gym or staying out all night. Recovering from illness is a process and although my mind is clear and strong now, my body is still fairly weak. I don’t feel bad about it and I don’t feel like I have to make up for lost time. It is what it is and I am happy to be healthy once again!

I’m a big believer in fresh air and have taken a few walks this past week. I plan to continue to walk and incorporate stretching to feel balanced and limber. I’m going easy on myself and tending to my body’s needs. I’ve been drinking water frequently along with fruit juice and sticking to the classic stomach bug recovery diet. The diet I’m referring to is the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. I read that these foods are best when the digestive system is trying to recover from an illness because they provide nutrients without heavy oil or excess sugar. I made it a point to not force myself to eat, only when I became hungry. I didn’t feel the need to force myself to feel magically better once again. I was patient with my body and gave it what it needed without forcing anything else. I’ve drank A LOT of water and juices. I’ve even had decaffeinated tea, with lemon because I read that it’s good for nutrient replenishment.

I know I’ll make my way back to where I once was and feel strong again. But until then, I’ll be relaxing and getting all the sleep that I can. That includes occasionally taking a melatonin supplement for deeper sleep and a shot of apple cider vinegar for better digestion. Even when I’m not ill, I’ll frequently incorporate unprocessed virgin apple cider vinegar into my daily routine because I can FEEL the difference. FYI it’s also amazing for your skin (both internally and externally) you can use it as a toner by using a cotton ball and applying it to your face. It works wonders!

It’s resturant week in New Haven, but I’ll be here sipping my apple cider vinegar and eating my cuties. Catch me lurking on foodie Instagrams liking all the delicious cheesey and sweet treats that my body is just not ready to have.

Thanks for reading, see you next week :)!


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