What does it mean to be “enough?”

As a young woman who is entering into adulthood in a exceedingly body critical society I hear the word “enough” used A LOT in relation to the way that other women feel about themselves, and their bodies in particular.

Some of the ways I commonly hear this word used:

“I feel like I’m not doing enough.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I just don’t feel healthy enough.”

“I’ve lost some weight, but it’s not enough.”

The definition of the word itself is as follows:

enough– as much or as many as required

Now, what I’m wondering is, WHO or WHAT these women are using as a reference to determine what is “required” of them.Seriously, I would love to know. Perhaps I can offer a few guesses, maybe it’s the magazines constantly advertising quick ways to get abs, or the incessant commercials about weight-loss programs. These can be touted as necessary evils in an increasingly obese and at-risk society. Even so, weight-loss and health aren’t always synonymous

The real threats to the body-image of young women are the “quick fixes” and heaps of “weight-loss tips” from people who aren’t necessarily qualified to be advising others on what exercises to do and what foods to eat.Another danger to the self esteem of young women in particular is the way that our society puts aesthetically blessed individuals on a pedestal.

Many people get so hung up on glorifying the images of their favorite models without fully realizing the extent that these women went to in order to achieve their physiques. Not all of these means are unhealthy, but many are simply unrealistic for the average person, i.e. working out three times a day with a personal trainer, or having a customized meal plan by a nutritionist.

Clearly, the digitalized world has created many issues for the blossoming young woman who is told that its more important how her body looks than how it FEELS. But, we are lucky enough to live in a time where people have more access to information than ever before and many people are setting themselves FREE from these unrealistic, harmful standards.

Pictured below is the vegan Australia-native @bonnyrebecca who is known for her dedication to her physical well-being and candidness about her eating habits on platforms such as, Instagram and YouTube.

U.S. mainland native, Alyse Brautigam, now living in Hawaii and running her own business, @rawalignment, has also found considerable fame on YouTube and Instagram from being real with her followers telling them, in detail, about how she takes care of her body.

Another beauty on the Instagram sphere that I’ve seen do this is @karinairby. She shows her body as it is and all the hard work that she has done to achieve it and maintain it. She is also an advocate for normalizing the skin condition eczema and opting not to retouch photos.

There are many people to follow on various social media platforms who discuss how they FEEL more often then how they LOOK.We are all so unique, as individuals and it’s imperative for the health of our society as it is now, and the society of future generations to recognize that our version of “enough” and what the person next to us is doing are going to be very different. And that this doesn’t necessarily mean one is “less than” the other.

It’s time to stop objectifying our bodies and see them as amazing machines that allow us to do our favorite things, and interact with the special people in our lives.

When it comes down to it, nearly every advertisement you see is not actually concerned with your betterment or physiological wellbeing, they are there for one singular purpose and that purpose only: TO SELL YOU SOMETHING! And what better way to do that than by telling you that you’re lacking something.

Enough is enough!


  1. Enough is ENOUGH. I loved this post. It gives fresh insight into today’s day and age–where females feel like they aren’t reaching their full potential, or simply don’t feel good enough. While finding truly authentic individuals online can be empowering, it is still important to find what makes YOU whole. All in all, I couldn’t agree more. With today’s media it is hard to relieve the pressures of body image.


    1. Such a well thought out comment, thank you so much for contributing and yes I absolutely agree ❤️!


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