Gift ideas for the fearlessly fit

Gift guide for the health conscious

In honor of Dutch Christmas being right around the corner (December 6th to be exact) I couldn’t think of a better post to get in the holiday spirit AND meet your wellness needs!

I don’t mean to “fitness-ify” Christmas in any way shape or form! Christmas should be fun, as with all holidays celebrated around this time of year in the spirit of appreciating loved ones. This season is all about enjoying time with friends and family, baking delicious treats, and exchanging heartfelt gifts.

However, it’s clear that this season does bring about a mass crowding of the gym and a huge collective worry that all those Christmas cookies are being stored as “unhealthy belly fat” as opposed to the less thigh cushioning.

So, below I’m going to list some of the hot gifts in fitness this year and who they would be perfect for!

Let’s start with wearable fitness trackers.

1. The Fitbit Versa is a great gift for anyone you know who is active, competitive, or wants to know more about their sleep rhythms.

Link: Target

I recently purchased one myself and so far I’m very satisfied! On the face of the watch it shows the time and date as well as real time heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken. It connects with many different apps and is even approved for swimming. I love the different features that enable you to track your exercise depending on what you’re doing, i.e. aerobic exercise running or in the treadmill, or strength training. You can also play music from your watch. Another great feature that isn’t related to fitness but is a plus, is that it shows you your text notifications. This means that you can leave your phone in your locker at the gym, and not get distracted during your workout! All the while keeping up to date—just Incase there’s an emergency or urgent need for you to actually check your phone other than what one of the Kardashian’s just posted on Instagram.

2. Vibrating foam roller, or ANY foam roller!

Link: Nextrino

This gift is perfect for anyone who complains of muscle pain or tightness. Foam rolling is a great way to quell symptoms of sciatica and lower back pain in general. As someone with chronically tight hamstrings I can attest to the fact that foam rolling is a godsend! The vibrating fancy machine foam rollers are at the higher end of pricing. It’s easy to find a foam roller that isn’t mechanical at your local department stores because self-myofascial release is all the rage these days! Whichever kind you decide on it’s sure to make a delightful stocking stuffer.

3. A free weight set, seriously SO simple and incredible handy!

Link: Walmart

This is especially great for people who love to get a workout in but aren’t as keen on actually going to the gym. You can do so much with a pair of dumbbells— imagine what you could do with a range of weights! I can only imagine all the front and lateral raises going up on Christmas morning when this present is opened.

4. BANDS —- a good band, or mini band set, is great for anyone looking to build lean muscle, and increase flexibility.

Link: Wodfitter

You can do all sorts of exercises with bands from shoulder mobility stretching and strengthening of the rotator cuff, to Pilates-style moves for your glutes!

Link: Target

5. This one is a given, those giant bouncy balls that everyone prefers to sit on at work over their chairs! These are great for core stability and staying limber. Some of the most soothing back stretches can be done on exercise balls. This is definitely not a gift idea to be overlooked!

Let me know what you end up getting your fearlessly fit friends this holiday season!

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