How to beat the seasonal blues

This time of year in New England can be pretty dismal, especially if you don’t thrive in the colder weather.

With the sun setting at approximately 4:30PM it can take a toll on our moods.

The occasional blues about daylight savings is not the same as Seasonal Depressive Disorder (SAD) which is a prevalent mood disorder that affects many people as the seasons change. Risk factors, symptoms and resources for those struggling, or think they may be struggling, with SAD can be found here.

I find that spending any time I can during the daylight hours outside or near a window helps me.

I especially make it a point to take frequent nature walks, whenever the weather permits, to remind myself that with the proper clothing and preparation I can still enjoy the outdoors this time of year!

Here are some tips for you to beat the seasonal blues:

1. Find a hobby.

Preferably one that you can enjoy WITH OTHERS (the key here is to have fun while bonding with friends & family) –get an adult coloring book, create a holiday-themed village, start a book club, make jewelry or pottery, learn how to bird watch, sign up for Krav Maga, try something new even if you feel out of your depths at first!

2. Appreciate the cold weather!

This one can require a little soul searching. But c’mon there is something about the first snowfall that’s just pure magic. Think about things you like about the season, like ice skating, heated blankets, and drinking hot chocolate!

3. Call a friend or relative you lost touch with.

It is the holiday season after all! Wish them well, catch up — they will be happy to hear from you.

4. Mix up your routine.

Take a more scenic route to work and stop at that new coffee place you’ve been wanting to try instead of getting your same order from Dunkin’. Be spontaneous!

5. Create goals for yourself that you have to look forward to.

Want to enter a laser tag tournament, road race, or simply finish cleaning out your garage? SET THAT GOAL FOR SPRING 2019! And give yourself time to reach it by breaking them down into smaller more attainable ones!

Let me which of these tips to beat seasonal dreariness you tried and worked best for you! 🙂

Be well xx

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