One month post fitness show update

Today marks exactly 4 weeks post show!

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago I was on stage–time flies.

Not too much has changed apart from my meals being planned out by macros to shifting to a more intuitive way of feeding my body. My focus in the gym has also shifted.

I’m placing more emphasis on getting stronger, faster, and improving as an all-around athlete and not just a physique competitor.

I’m exciting to embark on my next training endeavor! Which will be a half marathon in the beginning of this coming year.

I’ve started a tradition of running 13.1 miles every year and I’m excited to CRUSH IT this time around!

The first time I ran a half I had absolutely 0 training and no preparation in the weeks prior whatsoever, which I DO NOT ADVISE!

Although I was accustomed to running long distances, at the time I had signed up with the encouragement of a friend who was also running, I hadn’t been to the gym or on a regular running schedule in quite some time. I signed up for the psychological challenge that I knew running that distance would bring.

My second half marathon I trained for a bit, but still not as much as I probably should have.

I didn’t enter either of these endeavors with any expectation other than to FINISH.

I knew my limitations and I wasn’t trying to push myself physically to a point of pain. I ran at a leisurely pace and finished both times :)! But I have to admit I was in quite some pain afterwards.

The second time around I upped the ante a bit from my simple goal of completing the race– to also beating the time I got my first time around. It wasn’t something I trained for specifically it, was just what I knew I would be physically capable because I had been training (in the gym and in general) more frequently at that point in my life.

My third time around I will be competing and aiming for a certain time which is exciting because it will give me something to work up to and train for.

You know what they say: “Third time is the charm.”

I’m so invigorated by the idea of running another half marathon with the intention of shaving a good chunk off last year’s time.

It will be fun to compete in an event where the final product can be measured objectively and is something that I produce as opposed to subjective measures like in bodybuilding, and where my physical body is the final product.

This photo was taken today 12/15/2018 during my workout 🙂

That’s not a knock against bodybuilding, it’s just simply a difference between the two sports.

I’ve noticed that the changes that I went through during prep both physiologically and psychologically were personal to me in a way that training for athletic ability in general is not.

This personal aspect of bodybuilding made me less inclined to share my experience throughout prep online, or in person with others, for that matter.

I greatly respect and admire those who online journal their experiences in the bodybuilding world. Were it not for them I might not have competed myself!

I love listening to the stories that other competitors share of their competition prep journeys and reverse dieting after a show on social media.

But I knew from the very beginning that it just wasn’t going to be something I was particularly interested in doing.

Which is fine.

It’s more than fine, it’s important to acknowledge our boundaries and recognized that we don’t have to bare our souls on social media if we don’t want to. And that this doesn’t make us “fake” or “unrelatable” –it just makes us human.

There is a social aspect to bodybuilding that differs from other sports because their is so much stigma around it, it makes the community of competitors that much more tightly knit.

I’m so grateful for the good friends I’ve made from entering into the world of competitive bodybuilding.

I’m also grateful for the experience in general. I learned so much about myself on a soul level, and how my body responds under certain conditions with various stressors.

I know that this is only the beginning of my journey as an athlete and I’m so privileged to be able to call myself that.

Since this post was an update it had been centered around my feelings and experiences, so thanks for sticking with me to the very end!

If anything sticks with you from this post I hope it’s that, you don’t have to bear your soul on social media to be who you are.

Progressing in your journey or achieving your goals doesn’t have to be made real by the acknowledgement of it by others. There shouldn’t be any pressure to share beyond what you’re ready or comfortable with people knowing.

You don’t owe anybody anything. You don’t owe explanations, or play by plays to anyone. But, if you enjoy sharing your struggles and triumphs and that’s what makes you happy then by all means SHARE AWAY!

If it brings you joy, it’s worth while.

Recognize that social media is suppose to be FUN that’s the whole point!

Share what you want.

When you’re ready.

On the platform of your choosing.

And be yourself.

Or don’t.

Be whoever you want.

Because whoever that is I’m sure it’s amazing.

You get to decide how candid you are and if you want your social media account to strictly be your highlight reel, a record of your nitty gritty struggles, or an organic entity of your creation that falls somewhere in between the two extremes.

Don’t let me tell you!

Be well xx.

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