Reindeer mix recipe

If you haven’t already– you’ve got to check out my homemade eggnog recipes to pair with your reindeer mix!


– 1 large bag cheddar popcorn

– 1 large bag kettle or sweet popcorn

– 3 boxes caramel candies of your choosing (I used Junior Caramels, Sugar Babies, and small salted caramel squares)

– 3 boxes chocolate candies on your choosing (I used raisinets, Reese’s pieces, CRUNCH, and Milkduds)

– 1 tin cashews/ peanuts or any nuts of your choosing

– 1 bag chocolate chips

– 1 cup coconut shavings

– 1 bag of cookie crumbles (I used chips-ahoy! minis and put the cookies in whole)

Depending on how much popcorn you use and the ratio of sweet-savory that you prefer, this recipe will fill 8, 8 ounce mason jars!

I used felt stickers and ribbon to decorate the jars and affectionately called my reindeer mix “Rudolph mix.” But, there’s no one stopping you from making “Blitzen mix” or “Dasher mix.”

Whichever you choose it’s bound to be a hit! Especially paired with your homemade nog.

Let me know who you wind up sharing these delicious treats with!

Be well xx.

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My name is Kristen! I am 23 years young and from Connecticut. I have a degree in English, and both personal and professional knowledge of holistic health. I've taken Graduate level Public Health courses and WWOOF'ed Hawaii where I learned about organic farming. I am currently well on my way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I intend for dearfitkris to be a space where I can connect with others and engage in conversations about fitness and what it means to be healthy. The way that I personally define "fitness" is from a holistic perspective. Fitness is not just expressed physically, but mentally and on a soul-level as well. What does fitness mean to you?

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