Fav sweet treats in NYC 2018

After my trip to NYC today I’m feeling like an authority on baked goods! These are some of my favorites 🙂

1. The Doughnut Plant- any and all donuts! I personally recommend my absolute favorite which is the rose water donut, but it’s seasonal

2. Zarro’s Bakery- cheesecakes and all cakes

3. Magnolia Bakery – cupcakes

4. Haru’s- it’s a Japanese restaurant with some seriously amazing green tea ice cream and homemade dark chocolate brownies

5. Teuscher chocolates- milk chocolate caramels

These are some seriously delicious treats! Try them out next time your in CT and don’t forget to tag @dearfitkris !

Be well xx.

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My name is Kristen! I am 23 years young and from Connecticut. I have a degree in English, and both personal and professional knowledge of holistic health. I've taken Graduate level Public Health courses and WWOOF'ed Hawaii where I learned about organic farming. I am currently well on my way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I intend for dearfitkris to be a space where I can connect with others and engage in conversations about fitness and what it means to be healthy. The way that I personally define "fitness" is from a holistic perspective. Fitness is not just expressed physically, but mentally and on a soul-level as well. What does fitness mean to you?

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