5 ways to cope with holiday mood swings

So, you’ve seen the Doctor Oz special on how food dyes can cause mood swingS, you’ve read the Healthline articles detailing all the ways your excess sugar intake during the holidays is making you snap like gingerbread, or maybe you’ve always struggled with seasonal moodiness.

Well here are 5 simple ways to help you cope with mood swings throughout the holiday season.

1. Go for a walk– preferably outside! Nature seriously works wonders to sooth a moody soul. Nature walks have been proven to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

2. Ditch the adults. Go play a round of hide and go seek with your favorite little cousins or make some cookies with your nieces. It will help you remember the true joy that the holidays bring.

3. Avoid shopping. Not only is fighting to walk through crowds of people annoying, it’s super stressful! It’s also hard to be surrounded by all the high priced over dramatized Christmas propaganda that’s in every direction when you’re on a budget.

4. Turn off the TV. Often times we develop certain expectations for the holidays based on what we’ve seen on television or in movies. But not everyone’s Christmas is a Hallmark movie, and that’s OK! Don’t make yourself feel bad by binge watching Christmas movies and wondering why your life is nothing like the main characters.

5. Put away the sweets. Sugar can do crazy things to our brains (those Dr. Oz specials are there for a reason). Make sure you’re getting proper nutrients through a balanced diet and aren’t overloaded on cookies and candies. This will not only stabilize your blood sugar and prevent cravings, but it should also lend a hand in stabilizing your mood.

Let me know how these tips helped you!

And remember– there is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel during the holidays!

All of your feelings are valid and deserve to be treated as so.

Be well xx.

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