Finish the year strong

Okay so first off, forgive yourself for all the Christmas cookies you inevitably ate today and stop talking about how you “need” to start a diet.

Be gentle with yourself and let your mind and body readjust from the holiday festivities back to normal life.

Don’t be in a rush to make New Years Eve plans.

Let yourself breath a little.

If you don’t have some swanky party to go to for New Years that doesn’t mean your 2019 isn’t about to be insanely successful.

Finish out 2018 strong by prioritizing yourself.

Think about it, you just spent the past couple weeks brainstorming the best way to make the holidays a special time for your loved ones, purchasing gifts, making time for family parties, and finishing those work projects before their respective deadlines.

Now it’s time to focus on YOU.

If you’re introverted, you might find yourself needing more time at home with a good book to recharge. Or, as an extrovert, you might want to spend time with close friends to feel inspired.

Remove any added stressors in your life.

Has scrolling through Instagram got you feeling down or overwhelmed lately? Delete the app.

You can always re-download social media once you’ve centered yourself.

This also goes for certain people, and places that bring about unwanted feelings or simply don’t produce joy in your life–you can do without them.

Your time and mental energy are best spent on activities that bring you the most fulfillment.

Once you rid yourself of mental clutter, move on to your physical space.

Throw away, give away, or re-purpose the things that have been cluttering up your house, car, and office.

Get a new calendar and start marking down important dates, doctors appointments, pre-determined self-care days, and make it pretty!

It’s fun to plan and it helps to reduce stress.

Remember, you don’t have to prove that you’ve evolved in 2018 and that 2019 is going to be the year you pay off all your debt, start that business you’ve been dreaming of, become the political figure head of a small country etc.

You’ve accomplished so many great things these past 12 months, and no doubt you will in the preceding 12 months. But don’t feel like you need everything to happen for you all at once.

And don’t think that it won’t all happen eventually, because it will!

In good time, all good things take time.

Be well xx.

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