New Year’s challenge

Hey all, it’s Thursday (Friday Jr.) and I figure everyone is still reeling from the holiday festivities, so I’ll keep this post simple.

Every week next year write down something that was great, made you proud of yourself, made you happy, or some spare morsel of insight. Fold these piece of paper up and keep them safe in a giant mason jar, or box.

This time next year you will have an entire collection of amazing things that made your 2019.

It will feel SO GOOD to see all the positive aspects of your life and have something physical to show for everything you’ve learned.

I do this through journaling regularly, but I figure it’s more attainable to ask for weekly pieces of joy.

Set yourself up with papers and a jar so you can begin on Monday :)!

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My name is Kristen! I am 23 years young and from Connecticut. I have a degree in English, and both personal and professional knowledge of holistic health. I've taken Graduate level Public Health courses and WWOOF'ed Hawaii where I learned about organic farming. I am currently well on my way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I intend for dearfitkris to be a space where I can connect with others and engage in conversations about fitness and what it means to be healthy. The way that I personally define "fitness" is from a holistic perspective. Fitness is not just expressed physically, but mentally and on a soul-level as well. What does fitness mean to you?

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