My goals for 2019

On the last day of 2018 I’m laying out my ambitions for this coming year in hopes that this post will give you some insight into your own goals and inspire you!

My intention is also to use this post as a way to keep myself accountable, since I am going on record and all.

Going off of my last post (acknowledge your victories folks) let me celebrate the fact that I’ve completed my December blog challenge!!! 21 posts in 21 days. One post for every weekday this month, woohoo. I’m so proud of myself :)!

Anyways, here it goes. My New Year’s resolutions.


2. OPEN UP ENROLLMENT TO ONLINE CLIENTS – with my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification, NASM-CPT, and plenty of personal training experience under my belt I definitely feel comfortable taking online clients into my fold. I couldn’t be more excited about this fact and I will definitely keep you posted as to when I will be accepting new clients!

3. PUBLISH MORE OF MY WRITING- I’m looking forward to publishing more for the Healthy Living series of the Record Journal and plan to submit my writing to magazines / websites this upcoming year. I will also be building my portfolio here on as I publish twice weekly :).

4. REMAIN FOCUSED ON ORGANIZATION AND FINISHING WHAT I STARTED– I’ll leave this just as it is for now and elaborate later!

5. STOP USING EXTERNAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS A MEASURING OF SELF-WORTH- we all do this to a degree but I find myself falling into this nasty habit more often than I should. Whenever I see how my training is progressing (or not), my grades in school, anything I really give my all to, I take the outcome to heart. Which is great when I do well, because it boosts my self-confidence. But not so great when I don’t excel because I feel so down on myself for absolutely no reason! Our external accomplishments and failures are not meant to be a measure of our value as human beings. Read that again.

6. PLAY MORE GAMES WITH MY FAMILY– I have a few specific board games I’m making it a priority to play with my nieces and nephews.

7. PLAN AN EPIC TRIP WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE — Gio and dearfitkris take the world! Just kidding, well sort of! We will see :)!

8. TAKE LESS PICTURES– this one sounds pretty easy, but it’s something I really need to work on. I have almost 15,000 pictures stored on my iCloud and I’m constantly deleting the blurry ones. Yes, you read that right almost 15,000 (and I’m down a couple thousand). It’s not that I need to take less pictures per se, I just want to take more MEANINGFUL ones. Taking less snapshots will also help me live more fully in the present moment. Which brings me to my next goal…

9. LIVE PRESENTLY– I’ve gotten really good at this when I’m actively trying. But I want this mindset to become my innate way of being. Those who know me, know that I am constantly expressing how I feel, telling those close to me all the ways I love the little mannerisms that are integral to who they are, appreciating the small things like morning coffee dates, and when my cat is extra cuddly; stopping mid-run to admire the sunset, taking deep breathes and feeling the stillness of a fleeting moment where I feel entirely calm–like for one single second the whole world and all the powers that be are completely at ease with me.

10. SPEND LESS TIME BEHIND A SCREEN– I used to be a behind-the-screen-fiend. Especially when I was in undergrad, had countless essay assignments, and discovered the beauty of Netflix. Although I’ve improved drastically since then, I still want to make an effort to put my phone away more and stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (the only social media platform I regularly use). If you want to keep up with me regularly make sure to visit my blog every Tuesday and Thursday as I will be giving my refresh-feed thumb a bit of a break — for now!

Well, I’m going to get a jump start on #10 and sign off for the year!

You caught that, did you? I know nothing gets by you ;).

Well 2018, you’ve truly been a blast.

But in true Ariana-thank u, next-fashion I’m going to welcome this upcoming year with open arms.

Look out 2019, there are big things ahead for dearfitkris.

Be well xx.


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