My relationship with social media

Hello loyal readers,

Did you miss me this past Tuesday?

I missed you!

But, with Spring semester in session I’ve allowed myself a bit more flexibility in my posting schedule. I will keep you posted with any changes (pun intended).

I’ve decided to reserve one of my two posting day per week (Tues/Thurs) to keep you updated on my favorite articles/books/podcasts that I’ve been reading or listening to.

Stay tuned for that!

Now, let’s get to discussing my relationship with social media.

Since Autumn I’ve been making a conscious effort to wean myself off social media. Not because I saw my usage of it as a problem, but simply because I found myself habitually using it in ways that don’t serve me.

I felt like social media had began to drain both my time and energy (see my energy vampire post for more info).

Yesterday, I went on a walk through a wooded trail & found myself moved to skip and twirl to the music I was listening to. And so, I did. Without thinking twice about my skips and twirls looking silly, I let the music move me.

I spun around and around jamming out until I became dizzy. Then, laughingly, spinning in the opposite direction in an attempt to undo all the spins that initiated my dizziness. Knowing full well it would only exacerbate the feeling of being off- balance.

I let myself be. Wishing that my niece were with me because surely she’d want to race through the woods, examining all the flora and fauna we passed by, with the keen scientist eye that only children have.

With no one behind me and only my dancing shadow ahead, I spun and spun until the song I was listening to slowly faded into another one.

Afterwards, I beamed in appreciate of this special moment with myself where I paid homage to my inner child, not feeling compelled to share it on my Instagram or in any snapshot.

I did make a mental note to tell my niece, because I knew she would find the same joy in my incessant twirling. This time just spent being me, for me alone, is so precious.

I decided to share this experience here today because I want to remind you all to do something fun and allow yourself to find joy in small things.

I learned years ago that my life is honestly all around better the less time I spend mindlessly scrolling through social media apps. I do enjoy researching and reading about topics I’m interested in through social media. I’m also very grateful for the relationships I’ve built through social media.

I’ve learned how to use it properly, through trial and error. Like for instance, I don’t use Facebook. I have a few accounts I’ve made over the years but they remain inactive (I don’t even know how to use the app). I discovered years ago, that my relationship with Facebook would never resemble a healthy one because of the FOMO (fear of missing out) it gave me. So, I haven’t really used it since.

My Twitter account is used to post updates about my blog posts, but it used to be one of the major ways that I got my news. Always being bombarded with shocking new stories that had yet to even by verified made for an emotional rollercoaster. I began to find this way of using social media burdensome, so I adjusted.

It’s all about defining boundaries in my relationship with social media apps. I feel as though I’ve gotten pretty good at that.

Instagram has been my primary social media outlet for years.

But recently I’ve discovered, the less I use my phone the more connected to my actual real life I feel. This inadvertently includes social media.

I have very sacred nighttime and morning rituals that don’t involve my phone.

During the day if I do happen to open the Instagram app a reminder pops up “You’ve spent 5 minutes on Instagram today” based on the setting I’ve chosen.

My weekly screen time has gone down considerably in the past weeks, and so have my stress levels.

I alluded to a less active Instagram account in my post about my goals for the new year. Not because anything is less interesting or “Instagram worthy” in my life, but simply because I’m living to experience it and not to document it.

One of my goals for 2019 was to take less superfluous pictures, I’m crushing that goal. And I plan to keep it up!

So, if you don’t see me as much on your feed don’t take it personally. I’m supporting you from afar. I have no plans to forego social media completely.

Social media has its place in my life, just not a very big one.

Thanks for reading.

Be well xx.

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