Living life off-line

In the beginning of the year I made a post titled “My relationship with social media” where I talked about how I intended to use social media versus how I was actually using it.

A few months ago I decided to stop using my Instagram accounts. I don’t go on Facebook at all and I use Twitter minimally to promote my writing.

To be honest, I got tired of the barrage of advertisements, especially those in the guise of “health” posts meant to “inform” readers. I also got tired of the habit of scrolling, mindlessly, and seemingly endlessly.

I didn’t feel like Instagram was serving the purpose I intended it to, which was promoting my writing. Mostly because, I wasn’t actively writing on my blog.

Probably because I was perpetually scrolling.

I’m tired of contrived posts that are mostly overt or subliminal advertisements.

I also felt that my energy could be better spent in other areas of my life. I wanted to be more present when with my family, friends, and boyfriend.

I genuinely enjoy thoughtfully listening to my friends and giving them feedback when asked. But instead I was spending my time giving blanket advice to random people instead of engaging in quality conversations with my real-life friends.

It all felt so inauthentic. And honestly a little creepy. I’d like to say that knowing the extensive details of others lives was getting to be TMI, but it wasn’t. It makes for some good reading and consumer research.

Constant exposure to Instagrammers who share every intimate detail of their lives inspired me, but it also began to desensitize me.

I needed a change.

So, I left.

It’s not like I was on social media everyday, but most days I was. I’ve gone without social media in the past so it wasn’t like I had to wean myself off. I didn’t know how long I was going to log-off for, I didn’t (and I still don’t) have any type of plan. I’m just doing what feels right.

I just decided one day that I was done. I’m not claiming that all social media usage leads to negative habits, but I do believe that regular social media usage can be unhealthy.

I think I may elaborate on that one in a different post so, stay-tuned.

I really really have been enjoying living my life off-line. I love that people don’t have 24/7 access to what I’m doing and can’t scroll back to the beginning of my timeline and know exactly where I was or what I was thinking on any given day for the past few years.

Not that I think people care that much, but it’s the thought that gives me closure.

I never have to justify my haircut in 2015 ever again.

You see, privacy is so immensely under-rated.

As a millennial (I make the cut at ’94) I grew up with social media. More specifically, I grew up ON social media. Some of the most defining moments of my adolescent development happened on the Facebook timeline, to my chagrin.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past few months that I’ve spent apart from social media.

You won’t catch me regularly updating my “story” any time soon. But you can still read my blogs.

I hadn’t realized that it has been 5 months since I posted on!!! And it begs another reason why I feel more free since ditching social media–I don’t owe anyone any explanations.

With that being said, these past 5 months I’ve been making memories with Gio and my dear friends/family, focusing on school, and working a lot (check out the weekly articles and videos I’ve been making for my local newspaper here).

I’ve also wanted to distance myself from the traditional ‘fitness’ sphere because my perspectives on a lot of trends in health and wellness have shifted.

Which is why I’m expanding my blog post topics beyond fitness, not because I’m going to stop writing about traditional mainstream health topics, but because I have so much more to share.

Thanks for reading.

Be well,

Kristen xx

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