A look back at this past year, and being at ease in 2020

Last year, I posted a list of my goals for 2019 and honestly, I did really well with them — for the most part :).

Let’s review: 1. Adhere to a regular posting schedule, 2. Take online clients, 3. Publish more of my writing, 4. Stay organized, finish projects, 5. Stop using external accomplishments for validation, 6. Play more games with my family, 7. Plan an epic trip with the LOML, 8. Take less pictures, 9. Live presently, 10. Spend less time behind a screen.

Well, it’s safe to say I crushed #10 subsequently causing #1 to have suffered, unfortunately.

But, I feel REALLY GOOD about how I’ve stayed organized and finished projects that I’ve started, probably because I’ve been more stingy about the projects that I decide to start in the first place.

I have considerably more training clients and have really enjoyed being a CPT for the past 1.5 years now.

I write the Healthy Living column for my local news paper, the Record-Journal, which is still SO cool to me. It’s a dream come true to combine my two passions of health and writing.

I’ve also definitely gotten better at validating myself, instead of turning to external means to do so.

Deleting social media has contributed to this fact.

My fam has definitely been a priority for me throughout 2019 and I’ve certainly made it a point to play more imaginary games and boardgames with them.

Photo by Pedro Sandrini on Pexels.com

I taught my young nephew how to make shadow puppets, and there is truly no purer form of joy in the world! It’s so much fun — for him too :p.

As for planning a trip with the LOML, I can cross that off, as we’ve gone on a few and will be jetting off again soon.

I’ve definitely taken less superfluous pictures and have been more present.

Okay so, check, check, andddd CHECK.

Now as for 2020, I really want to be at ease and continue the work that I’ve done to maintain my all-around well being.

As far as fitness goes, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my LIFE and am truly grateful for the health FULL and balanced lifestyle I’ve procured for myself.

To be honest, I would love to get back to posting pictures or even videos (I can’t get enough of vlogs lately). I also love LOVE love that I don’t have social media anxiety (?) anymore, i.e. FOMO, compare & despair.

No matter how well things were going for me there was always a hint of these feelings lingering around the next batch of scrolls through Insta.

So, while I definitely want to post more content on my blog I don’t know definitively if starting back up other social accounts is what 2020 has in store for me.

This year, for me, is all about not forcing anything.

I’m going to be like a sail in the wind, going with the flow– if you will.

Of course I have aspirations and many goals planned for 2020. And while these things are important to me, maintaining equanimity as things begin to shift in my life and my goals come to fruition, is of the UTMOST importance.

We have very many illusions of control in this life.

In actuality, there are few things we have dominion over. Two of these things being how we treat others, and how we value ourselves.

It sounds simple, right?

But really, when was the last time you were gentle with yourself, or others?

You were in a rush so you yanked your sweatshirt over your head pulling hairs out from your scalp and creating an unpleasant sensation on your face.

You were still rushing, so you beeped at the person who didn’t budge within the first .2 seconds of the green light.

All this stress, all this rushing, for what?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, in 2020 I will be committed to being at ease. I will be gentle and compassionate with others, and myself.

Happy New Year! xx

Thanks for reading :).

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