Vacation is over, now what?

I spent last week adventuring on a island, it was absolutely spectacular!

I had so much fun and had been looking forward to this trip for weeks.

To be honest, I love my routine at home but I can’t help but feel a bit bummed that something I’d been looking forward to came and went just like that!

You know when you’re looking forward to a trip or you’re working towards a goal and it happens and it’s AWESOME, but then you’re just like okay, now what?

That’s where I’m at.

I don’t have any single solution for this feeling but I will list below what I do to keep pushing forward in spite of the now what? funk.

1. Return to your routine, but sprinkle it with the unexpected

For instance, with something as simple as breakfast change it up a little. Treat yourself. If you make breakfast and coffee at home everyday, eat at home but treat yourself to a cafe coffee.

2. Make plans with your people

Hit up your friends! Call your mom, your dad, your aunt and make it a point to see them. It will lift your mood.

Reminisce with those you spent your trip with or who stood by you as you worked towards your goal.

3. Write down how you feel

I’m very vocal about my love for journaling. But seriously, it’s so helpful to articulate and write out how you are feeling.

Journaling is also beneficial for tracking your progress towards your goals.

4. Make new goals / plan a new trip

Even if they’re small goals or even if it’s a day trip, start working towards something new.

Put your restless mind to use and draw up a plan, at the very least it will keep you busy and at the most it will turn into an awesome new challenge or adventure.

5. Sit with your discomfort

This seems contradictory to my last point, but there is a time and place for both. 

Sometimes you feel in a funk, (funky? but not the dance kind) and that’s okay. Let yourself feel funky. It’s important, in our culture especially, to be reminded that we don’t always have to forge forward and be working towards something constantly.

Unplug, go for a walk, let the feelings come, and then let them pass.

Don’t hold onto your funk–unless you’re busting a move.

In the same way you would bust a move, let the funk flow through you. It’s a natural part of being human, after all.

Thanks for reading xx.

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