PLANT POWERED PLANS FOR 2016!After working tirelessly these past three years in order to graduate with my B.A. in English a year early, I’ve decided to work tirelessly FOR FREE on a farm. That’s a joke… Sort of! Here is the deal, I found an awesome farm through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms cite (WWOOF Hawaii). I will be doing a work exchange on this farm in Maui for the next two months. This means that in exchange for 24 hours of work a week I will, in turn, receive housing and some food.

I love volunteer opportunities and I was so drawn to the fact that this farm also uses resources to fund therapeutic recreation for children and adults who are disabled. I’ve done a lot of community outreach volunteer work where I’m from (CT) and I can’t explain the love I have for interacting with others and the fulfillment I get from knowing that in some small way I may have brightened someone’s day (I know this isn’t altruistic, but it’s the truth)!

Often times when it comes to fitness we think in terms of appearance, weight, shape and aesthetics in general. But what I hope to do with this account is to get people to see ALL that wellness encompasses, from physical fitness to mental and spiritual health. That is why I wanted to share my plans for this summer with you, and also keep a log for myself. I want to keep myself accountable, as I plan to practice reflective meditation while traveling and expanding my horizons. This is something that my fast-paced Euro trip last summer didn’t give me much time or space for.

If you are interested in knowing more about the WWOOFing process, how I completed my degree a year early, or any of my travels don’t hesitate to ask! I want this to be a conversation forum and I also want to know, what are your plans for this summer? How do you plan to hold yourself accountable?

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to dearfitkris, your go-to place for all things wellness!

Mission statement:

I intend for dearfitkris to be a space where myself and others can cultivate knowledge by participating in important conversations regarding what it means to be in good-health. My definition of healthy encompasses physical fitness, mental health, and well-being on a soul level.

What does health mean to me?

To me, health means to be kind to oneself. Health is patience and self-acceptance. Health isn’t something you have one day and then lose the next. ‘Healthy’ is not something you can’t be if you aren’t physically well. It also shouldn’t be assumed that those who aren’t inherently ill are healthy by these same standards.

Wellness is a state of mind and a way of being. Health is something that you have to cultivate and tend to. It is a way of being with yourself that requires the secure establishment of relationships with your body, the outside world, and how you choose to intermingle the two through what you feed yourself nutritionally, and what you consume through your consciousness.

Healthy is not something that you are magically marked based on your lack of physical, mental, or emotional ailments. Being deemed “healthy” is often defined as the absence of illness. But it is so, so very much more, than that.

Frankly, defining health is a very personal thing. Not everyone’s picture of health is going to look the same. I hope to guide you on your journey to discovering what being healthy looks like for YOU!

Thank you for visiting my site. You can find a collection of my writing linked here!

Seriously, it means the world to me that out of all the fitness-blog joints in this town you wandered into my personal spot.

I can’t wait to learn, share, and grow with you.

Until next time–

Be well.