Solutions To Stop Self-Sabotage


Write down detailed descriptions of your GOALS. Use pictures or quotes that inspire you and write out a detailed description of how you want to FEEL when you achieve your goal. Envision it in your mind as you write, transcribe how you’re going to carry yourself once you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Go into so much depth in the details that you have can describe what the smells around you will be like. Picture who will be standing next to you, what you’ll be wearing people, tell a story. Describe how you’re going to feel leading up to that moment and what you’re going to do immediately after. Maybe you’ll just bask in the glory of having ran a half marathon, or competed in a weight lifting competition. OR maybe it’s much simpler than that–perhaps there’s a machine at the gym you have yet to master. There is a lot of research out there that shows you are so much more likely to complete a task or reach a goal if you WRITE IT DOWN! Make your planner your best friend and you’ll never have another excuse as to why you can’t do something.


This one can be touch because depending on when you get home from work, late night eating can be unavoidable. But, as shown in my last post there is conflicting evidence regarding whether or not eating late at night is bad for your health. I personally believe that it doesn’t so much matter what time it is as it does what exactly you’re putting into your body. That being said, my solution for this issue it to prepare ready-made healthy snacks for when you’re itching to eat something late at night. Bananas with some PB2 are a great snack, and you can even add some dark chocolate chips for an extra bit of sweetness. If you’re going out, pack homemade trail mix with assorted nuts, seeds, and dried fruit that you like. It saves money AND you can customize the mix to fit your macros or personal preferences of any kind. Another way to combat late-night cravings is to make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients that you need throughout the day. If you have cravings consistently it might be because you’re lacking a certain vitamin or mineral. In that case it would be helpful for you to keep track of what you’re eating and consult a doctor or naturopath.

pexels-photo-703009.jpegThis one seems straight forward, right? Well not so much for many people. Planning workouts is HARD. I recommend for the anti-planners out their to search fitness video tutorial hashtags on IG and BOOKMARK THEM! That way when you’re putting together your workouts for the week you have a point of reference. There are so many affordable, cheap, and FREE ways to plan your workouts according to your goals. You will be sorely disappointed if you expect to see results without some sort of schedule or plan. Don’t be afraid to get technical either, research the exercises that are best for the muscles that you want to target. Also, check with your local gym to see if they offer any FREE classes. My gym in college used to offer a free yoga class for ALL students, even those who were not paying members of the gym. Attending classes can give you a set schedule and help you maintain consistency. If you belong to your local YMCA there are usually an abundance of free classes offered by excellent instructors.

I mentioed the Hidrate water bottle in my previouspost which notifies you when to drink water and calculated how much you need to drink depending on your height/weight. But, for those of you who aren’t looking to spend $50, there are many effective ways to make sure you’re drinking enough H2O. The standard recommendation is eight 8-ounces glasses of water per-day. That means, if your standard water bottle is 18 ounces you would need to fill your bottle up about 3.5 times per day. Whatever your goal amount of water consumption is, you can use the alarm feature on your phone to set reminders when you should drink and to notify you of your goals throughout the day. Alternatively, you could use a plastic gallon of water and a permanent marker to write out the ounces that you wish to consume by certain times of day. Make it a daily ritual to drink a glass of warm water in the mornings before you consume any other liquid or food. Not only is this good for hydration purposes but it’s also great for your digestion as well, not to mention very soothing.

We all know the negative effect of binge-eating. But what’s less talked about is online bingeing. With electronic devices constantly at our fingertips it is more important now than ever to SET BOUNDARIES in our lives, and that includes with our time. Allot yourself a certain amount of hours per-day, or week, of screen time. Break this down into laptop work, phone play, and television. Prioritize the important stuff, and give yourself some room to internet surf as well. But before you do, set a timer on your phone so you’re aware BEFOREHAND of how much of your day you’re going to be giving up to the all-consuming internet. It’s much too easy to get sucked into a timewarp when you’re researching online or going through your feed on Facebook. Don’t fall victim to this time suck, be proactive. The internet is an amazing tool and it’s such a shame that when people misuse it, it gets a bad rap.

I hope that these solutions work for you. Comment below or find me on Instagram @dearfitkris to tell me if you tried any of these! And, if you haven’t yet, check out my previous post that discusses how you’re sabotaging your wellbeing.

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Top 5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Health!

We are all guilty of making excuses at some point, but this is the MAIN reason why so many people don’t reach their goals. You’ll say, “Oh my next meal will be something healthy” or “I’ll go to the gym when Pam is free because I don’t like to go alone.” And then eventually these things fall out of your to-do list. And before you know it days, or even weeks, will have gone by before you have that day of healthy meals you were planning or that workout session. Excuses are made not because you don’t want to be healthy, but because you believe it requires a lot of hard work. Well, NEWSFLASH it does! To a degree. YES, you have to put in effort and YES you have to plan, but the return on those investments is that YOU FEEL AMAZING! I’m not one for advocating aesthetics as being a main motivator to get into shape. Afterall, “bikini season” is only 3 months out of the year. Whereas healthy habits last a lifetime. While I totally understand wanting to look in tip-top shape for the summer months, a healthy lifestyle should always be the goal. You want to create a way of eating and moving your body that is sustainable and enjoyable FOR YOU! So if you hate that Zumba class or you cannot stand anymore Spinning then QUIT. You’ll have one less excuse why you can’t or don’t want to workout and by making an effort to try new classes/activities you will have an abundance of reasons TO go to the gym!


I put this one on the list because I’m a late night eater and I know a lot of people my age (early 20s-30s) who enjoy the 12PM post-dinner snack. Before I delve any deeper into this, it is SO IMPORTANT for me to clarify that a calorie eaten at 7AM is the same as a calorie eaten at 2AM. It is a common belief that you gain weight from eating late at night because you’re not burning off the calories you just consumed before you go to sleep for the night. While I’m not going to get into this theory here, I WILL link some articles about it below this post so that if you’re interested (as I was) you can read up on it. But what I will say is that, from my own personal experience, if I am eating late at night I am NOT making myself a light salad with some balsamic dressing, oh no. If I’m eating after dinner (and it’s not dessert) I’m usually eating something like New Haven pizza and Insomnia cookies after :D…I find that the food I go for late at night bears very little nutritional value and it’s all to satiate my CRAVINGS because I’m up late. There are many ways to combat this and I am SO EXCITED to do another post about them. But for now, I’ll just say, eating dinner later might be the best option if you know you’re going to be up/out late. Have a bigger helping of green beans so that you don’t feast on pizza later in the night!


I used to always fail to do this, and it really makes all the difference. It’s so important to go into the week KNOWING what you’re going to be doing. Not only does this give you a more balanced workout for the sake of your body but it also makes LIVING life so much easier as well. For example, if you know you want to get in some cardio but you don’t plan or schedule workouts ahead you could miss an amazing opportunity to go on that run with Pam on Monday when it’s 75 degrees, instead of having to walk in the rain on Friday because you put it off. There’s this saying that goes, “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, THEN PLAN TO FAIL.” I’m not sure where it originated but it feels like something grandmothers and mothers alike have been saying to generations of their lineage. It is no wonder why, it is totally true. When I was in college I was obsessed with my planner and would write everything from what body part I was working out that day to how much time I had between my classes in the teeny tiny lines for each day. This helped me so much, and although I have new ways of planning and working out for that matter I still use a calendar and a pen and paper to guide me. You should be writing down exactly what you want to get done in the gym so that you are meeting your goals and holding yourself accountable. Don’t plan to fail…just PLAN!


pexels-photo-1000084.jpegYou know that moment when you’re out with your friends and you’ve just ordered another tequila shot and you’re feeling a bit woozy, so you start to think about what exactly you had to eat and drink that day. So you begin listing off your meals in your head and that coffee you had with breakfast, and that soda you snuck in at dinner, plus the two tequila shots you just downed…and WAIT. SOMETHING IS MISSING…oh yeah, a little life-sustaining fluid that hydrates your body called W A T E R. Yikes, that’s the worst feeling. Too many people are guilty of not drinking enough water and I’m one of them! Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who has made it her New Year’s resolution (remember those) to drink more water. Her water bottle started to light up red and she assured me not to be alarmed. HA, it was unnerving at first. Turns out it’s the latest technology in water bottles. It was something called a smart water bottle by the brand Hidrate and it lights up when you need to drink. You can see from an app on your phone how much water you have drank throughout the day. If you’re friends with someone else on the app who has the bottle you can also see how much water they’ve consumed as well. AND once you’ve reached your goal amount of water consumption (based on your height weight etc.) a round of “celebration lights” go off! I don’t think drinking water could get any more exciting than that people. Although it’s a hefty investment of $50 I think it’s worth it if you have this problem and it’s a lot more practical than carrying around a gallon of water. I’ve linked more information about it below for those of you who are interested.


Bingeing is NOT HEALTHY, on any level. This one covers ALL categories from food to Food Network. I especially want to focus on media consumption in this last health sabotaging habit because it doesn’t get discussed as a barrier to wellness as much as it should. I mean, haven’t you ever gotten home from work and just plopped down on your couch and started scrolling through Instagram…and all of the sudden it’s 11PM and you haven’t eaten dinner and you missed a new episode your favorite show, AND it’s almost time for bed. I’m not going to lie, I totally have. Less and less now that I monitor my media consumption closely. But I’ve totally been guilty of just falling into a social media blackhole and disappearing for hours. I also used to be really bad with binge watching ALL the classics on Netflix (you know, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, etc.). I’m just grateful that The O.C. wasn’t on Netflix when I was in college, I probably would have never left my dorm. Thankfully, I have a very short attention span when it comes to TV nowadays and I’ve also come across some AMAZING (and not so amazing) apps that tell you how many hours a day you spend on your phone! Do your research with these apps because some are total duds, but the ones that aren’t can be exceedingly helpful for tracking your media consumption. I also have a rule about leaving my phone out of my bedroom at night (or across the room) so that I have some zen time before drifting off and my eyes are not mindlessly attached to my phone screen like a moth to a flame.


I hope all of these helped you figure out HOW you’re sabotaging your health in big and small ways. Later this week I am going to post ANOTHER entry giving more in depth solutions to these top 5 pitfalls. So, keep a lookout!


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Here is the link to the Hidrate water bottle:

Hidrate Spark 2.0


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PLANT POWERED PLANS FOR 2016!After working tirelessly these past three years in order to graduate with my B.A. in English a year early, I’ve decided to work tirelessly FOR FREE on a farm. That’s a joke… Sort of! Here is the deal, I found an awesome farm through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms cite (WWOOF Hawaii). I will be doing a work exchange on this farm in Maui for the next two months. This means that in exchange for 24 hours of work a week I will, in turn, receive housing and some food.

I love volunteer opportunities and I was so drawn to the fact that this farm also uses resources to fund therapeutic recreation for children and adults who are disabled. I’ve done a lot of community outreach volunteer work where I’m from (CT) and I can’t explain the love I have for interacting with others and the fulfillment I get from knowing that in some small way I may have brightened someone’s day (I know this isn’t altruistic, but it’s the truth)!

Often times when it comes to fitness we think in terms of appearance, weight, shape and aesthetics in general. But what I hope to do with this account is to get people to see ALL that wellness encompasses, from physical fitness to mental and spiritual health. That is why I wanted to share my plans for this summer with you, and also keep a log for myself. I want to keep myself accountable, as I plan to practice reflective meditation while traveling and expanding my horizons. This is something that my fast-paced Euro trip last summer didn’t give me much time or space for.

If you are interested in knowing more about the WWOOFing process, how I completed my degree a year early, or any of my travels don’t hesitate to ask! I want this to be a conversation forum and I also want to know, what are your plans for this summer? How do you plan to hold yourself accountable?

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to dearfitkris, your go-to place for all things wellness!

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I intend for dearfitkris to be a space where myself and others can cultivate knowledge by participating in important conversations regarding what it means to be in good-health. My definition of healthy encompasses physical fitness, mental health, and well-being on a soul level.

What does health mean to me?

To me, health means to be kind to oneself. Health is patience and self-acceptance. Health isn’t something you have one day and then lose the next. ‘Healthy’ is not something you can’t be if you aren’t physically well. It also shouldn’t be assumed that those who aren’t inherently ill are healthy by these same standards.

Wellness is a state of mind and a way of being. Health is something that you have to cultivate and tend to. It is a way of being with yourself that requires the secure establishment of relationships with your body, the outside world, and how you choose to intermingle the two through what you feed yourself nutritionally, and what you consume through your consciousness.

Healthy is not something that you are magically marked based on your lack of physical, mental, or emotional ailments. Being deemed “healthy” is often defined as the absence of illness. But it is so, so very much more, than that.

Frankly, defining health is a very personal thing. Not everyone’s picture of health is going to look the same. I hope to guide you on your journey to discovering what being healthy looks like for YOU!

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